All sizes made with the world’s finest plant oils and absolutes.

We can help you create the aroma you are searching for: it's not always 'simple' and Aanvi Collectives understands that.

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Classic Collection

Our 8oz selection of scents are sure to wow you, try them today! Coconut / Soy Blend with 30+ hours of burn time utilizing cotton wicks.

Inspirational Collection

Our 16oz Inspirational Candle Collection, inspired by the 66 books of the Bible, offers a special way to celebrate your faith and find inspiration in scripture. Keepsake Jar (scripture engraved) Coconut / Soy Blend with a burn time of 60+ hours.

Kind Collection

Our 28oz Kind Candle Collection, is made with cotton wicks and can burn 90+ hours. This collection is made to last so you can enjoy our scents for extended periods of times.