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1.7oz Cologne – Apollure


$65.00 Original price was: $65.00.$58.00Current price is: $58.00.

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A cologne that epitomizes the essence of masculine allure, drawing inspiration from the divine and the natural world.

At its core, “Apollure” is a symphony of contrasts and harmonies. Crisp citrus and the fiery kick of black peppercorn dance together, igniting the senses with their vibrant energy. As the fragrance unfolds, the cool embrace of lavender and sage emerges, adding a sophisticated touch that balances the intensity of the top notes.

But it’s beyond this initial impression that “Apollure” truly captivates. A dense forest of dark oak, patchouli, and amber forms the heart of the scent, exuding strength, mystery, and sensuality in equal measure. Here, the wearer is enveloped in the primal allure of the wilderness, where earthy richness mingles with warm, inviting depth.

Yet, just when you think you’ve unraveled its secrets, “Apollure” reveals its playful side. An undertone of maple leaf surfaces, weaving through the composition like a whisper of autumnal sweetness and whimsy, adding a touch of unexpected charm to the experience.


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